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Imagine you are holding a credit card. It can be bowed or bent to a degree with the fingers, but when you let it go, it will snap back to its original shape. This will occur every time ... until it finally gives in and forms a crease or a fold due to repetitive bending. Once this happens, the crease or fold in that credit card cannot be removed.  It will no longer snap back to its original shape and unlined smoothness. A credit card is similar to the muscles in your face.

How muscles work
In youth, facial muscles, when contracted and then are released, will snap back to their original, unlined smoothness. Over time, however, the muscles will eventually crease. As long as those facial muscles continue to contract, the creases will persist and deepen over time.

Think about muscles in general and how they respond to use. Whether we’re talking about facial muscles or a bicep, if you exercise any muscle (by movement or by lifting weights for example), it will grow in size and strength. If you stop exercising that same muscle, it will shrink in size and become weak. This shrinking and weakening of certain facial muscles is precisely what is accomplished through injections of Botox®.

How to maximize results

The goal is to keep the muscles between the eyebrows, across the forehead and at the outer corners of the eyes weakened so that they become - and stay - as smooth and small as possible. To do this, one should ideally receive Botox® injections at three-month intervals for the first 12 to 18 months. At that point, Botox® should be administered to still-weak facial muscles approximately every five months to maintain their smoothness. Allowing the Botox® injections to “wear off” will allow the weakened muscles to crease once again and grow in size and strength. The goal is to soften the face and allow it to have natural expression without the muscles “bunching up.”

Wrinkle management

It comes down to a matter of maintenance. The smoothness of a youthful face can be extended and the worsening of already established wrinkles and folds can be halted with consistent treatments of Botox®. Used worldwide for the prevention and management of facial wrinkles, Botox® is one of the most powerful tools in maintaining your appearance.

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Frowning ability before Botox®.
After Botox®, frown lines do not appear.
Forehead lines before Botox®.
After Botox®, forehead lines are eliminated.


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