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One of the things that eventually takes its toll on everyones' face is gravity. Over time, gravity causes the muscle and tissues of all areas of the face to descend resulting in a tired, aged appearance. Face and neck lifting can address loose, sagging muscle, tissue and skin in the cheeks, midface, jaw line and neck areas.

In youth, the face is full, smooth, and positioned high on the face. As we age the skin, muscles and underlying tissues loosen and descend due to gravity and fat deflation.

Young face and neck compared to aged face and neck.

In the past, surgeons addressed changes caused by gravity in the face and neck by pulling back the skin and removing the excess. This results in a too tight, “windswept” look. This technique also does not “lift” the face; it simply pulls it back and to the side which creates a flatter, more two dimensional appearance. A youthful face is full and has natural, round, three-dimensional projections. Face lifting with new techniques can now restore fullness and projection by raising the underlying muscle and tissue and redraping the skin – this results in a natural, non-surgical look. If significant fat deflation has occured, fat transfer to the face can be performed during the same surgery.

Neck lifting is often performed along with a face lift for a smoother more natural transition. During the procedure, the neck muscles are tightened or shortened. Heavy fatty deposits often need to be removed from the neck and jowl area by lipoaspiration technique to achieve the smooth, natural looking profile and appearance that patients desire.



Before surgery the patient had a low, heavy face and full neck.
After: The patient's appearance is refreshed and vibrant. A forehead lift was also performed.
Before, profile.
After, profile.
Before, three quarter view.
After, three quarter view.

Who Should Perform Face and Neck Lifting Surgery?

When choosing a surgeon to perform face, neck, or forehead lifting, look for a cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery specialist who limits his practice to facial procedures. A cosmetic and reconstructive specialist will have the experience, expertise and knowledge of the anatomy of the face including the eyelids and orbit as well as special training in aesthetics and ultra smooth wound closures for scar minimization. A reconstructive and cosmetic specialist will take extra time to address the minute aesthetic details for a natural, non-surgical result. 

Dr. Norman Shorr is an early pioneer and innovator of many cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid, eyebrow, forehead and midface procedures performed today worldwide. He and his associates continue to innovate and contribute to the specialty of cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery. Call today to schedule your personal consultation!

NOTE: Face and neck lifting does not address the eyelids or a sagging eyebrow or forehead area. For information about these areas please see BLEPHAROPLASTY (Eyelid Surgery) and EYEBROW AND FOREHEAD LIFTING.


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