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Though we think of faces as being even or symmetrical, most people’s faces have asymmetries. The eyes are the most noticed feature, and the first thing people see when they meet you. Therefore, asymmetry in where or how the upper eyelid creases fall, even very slight asymmetry, is often less tolerable to a patient than other asymmetries of the face.

Upper eyelid creases may be asymmetrical for many reasons. The asymmetry may be congenital, due to previous surgeries, caused by trauma or injury, or it may be due to the natural aging process (gravitational changes, loosening of the muscle and skin, and fat deflation). Whatever the cause, eyelid crease correction surgery can often be performed to even out the position and contour of asymmetric upper eyelid creases.

Eyelid crease correction normally requires an incision along the upper eyelid where the crease should lie. After positioning and securing the new eyelid crease, the incision is closed smoothly with fine sutures. This is done to maximally hide any evidence of surgery. In addition, if any filler is required to add volume to hollowed or depressed areas of the upper eyelids or to help lower an eyelid crease so that it folds over as it should, fat transfer can be performed or injectable fillers can be administered during the same surgery.

Before right upper eyelid crease correction surgery.

After right upper eyelid crease correction surgery.

Who Should Perform Eyelid Crease Surgery?

When choosing a surgeon to perform eyelid crease surgery, look for a cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeon who routinely performs the procedure and limits his practice to cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries. He will best know the anatomy of the face and be specially trained and skilled in aesthetics and ultra smooth closures for scar minimization. A cosmetic and reconstructive specialist will take extra time to address the minute aesthetic details for a natural, non-surgical result. It’s also important that he or she has completed an American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) fellowship. This indicates your surgeon is not only a board certified ophthalmologist who knows the anatomy and structure of the eyelids and orbit, but also has had extensive training in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Shorr is Director of the Fellowship in Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA School of Medicine. He and his associates are board certified ophthalmologists as well as ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons who have completed an ASOPRS fellowship.

Dr. Norman Shorr is an early pioneer and innovator of many cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid, eyebrow, forehead and midface procedures performed today worldwide. He and his associates continue to innovate and contribute to the specialty of cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery. Call today to schedule your personal consultation!


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